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Computer Courses

Course Duration Qualification Fees Course Benefit
CCC Doeacc 80 Hours 10th requaired in all government job
DOEACC 1 Year CABA-MDTP 1 Year 10th 500 P.M. Bank and government job and translator performance
ARBIC 1 Year 8th 200 full year Madrasa recognized in education
MBA,MCA, BBA, BCA, BA,MA, Others 3 Month & 3 Year as depending upon program 10th to graduate as depended upon 500 P.M. + University course Also recognized for Government employ
University MBA , BA, B.Sc ,all graduation and educational qualification 3 Month & 4 Year depend on program 10th to graduate depending on program 500 P.M. + University course Also recognized for Government employ
DCF(Diploma in Computer fundamental ) 3 Month 8th required in all depatment
DCA( Diploma in Computer Application) 6 month 8th to start higher education
DCAP (Diploma in Computer Application& Programming 1 Year 8th to program
Tally 3 month 10th for super visor
DCFT(Diploma in Computer Fundamental and tally) 6 month 8th for all A/C related department
Hardware and networking 6 Month to 2 Year depending upon course 10th for computer repairing business
English Speaking 3 month 10th reqauired for all type interview