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Duration : 3 Months
Type : Short time
  1. Tally fundamental
  2. Basic theory of account
  3. Concept of account
  4. Company creation/alter/delete
  5. Feature&configuration
  6. Group creation /alter/delete
  7. single& multiple ledger creation/alter/delete
  8. single&multiple group creation/alter/delete
  9. voucher entry
  10. order process
  11. memorendam
  12. Bank reconcilation
  13. Cheque

Diploma in Computer Applications is a one year diploma course to study computer applications in depth. The course imparts scientific, practical and technical knowledge to its learners about various computer tools that are used in day to day life. The applications make tasks easier and provide ease of use.

Duration :1 Year
  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Project management
  3. Principles of programming
  4. Unix operating system
  5. Programming language database
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. Work processing and Spreadsheet
  8. Financial accounting system
  9. System analysis and design
  10. C++
  11. Computer Graphics

What you'll learn

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Build your English Speaking skills - speak English fluently, like a native

Grow your English Language knowledge with hundreds of new words and phrases

Improve your English Listening skills - listen to a native speaker

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